Krups Coffee Maker Review

These days, there certainly is a trend toward the smaller portion coffee experience. It could be the one cup machine which conveniently delivers a single serving to the user. These are perfect personal devices for people who want to enjoy different flavors but may not have the stamina to consume an entire pot.

Likewise, there’s also the European-style coffee serving with the small cappuccino/espresso cups, possibly accompanied by coffee brewed and served on the spot with a French press. These also offer a continental, downright intimate experience.

These types both have their respective places and fans in our modern coffee culture. However, there are times when much more coffee is in order, which is why the Krups 12-Cup is the perfect choice.

The stainless steel exterior is durable and welcome in any kitchen if it’s intended for personal use or in a workplace break-room if the intent is to easily fuel one’s co-workers.

Companies that have to provide coffee for dozens of workers sometimes must resort to an old-fashioned industrial percolator that more often than not leads to mediocre coffee but in large quantities, or brew many batches throughout the day out of a cheap, usually plastic coffee maker.

With the Krups coffee maker, you may still have to fire it up a couple of times through the day, depending on current coffee consumers, but you’ll be making a dozen cups at a time using an advanced filtration system.

krups coffee makerIf your Krups coffee maker is intended for home use, you’ll find other reasons to enjoy it, including a two-year warranty and an easy-to-program screen. It also comes with an automatic shut-off, a feature that is handy for work or home use, and prevents the pot from heating up throughout the day. It conserves electricity if the pot isn’t in operation and also reduces potential risk of fire.

Coffee makers by Krups also have a lot of aesthetic appeal in that they look modern and sleek. They’re shiny and futuristic but still rugged, functional and durable enough to accommodate entire legions of coffee fans.

Visitors also tend to agree — though there are many variations of Krups’ 12-cup maker, the name and tradition of excellence that the company offers always shines forth among coffee enthusiasts.

Reviews of Krups 12 cup makers are generally good, and really depend on the particular model. Some fans comment about the different sizes of items, such as a larger than usual sized carafe. These usually consist of encouraging statements such as: “I wasn’t sure I’d like it but after a time of trying it, I decided it was fine.”

There may be some concern about the possibility of fingerprints due to the steel exterior so you may want to take extra care where you place your fingers when using the machine.  This practical advice works well especially for owners who enjoy the aesthetics of the Krups coffee maker. If you’re someone who is going to take pride in bringing a Krups home, especially something that can easily create cup after cup, then you won’t mind wiping the prints off after you’re done making your pot for the day.

A workplace coffee pot could face the same concerns especially if multiple people stop by all day to indulge in a classy cup of coffee. Individual users can be invited to wipe the machine down after every use or designate someone to keep an eye on things. A few finger prints on you beloved Krups machine are not really a big deal as long as everyone in the office is well caffeinated.

Krups has an excellent reputation for creating quality products and many satisfied owners say they have had the same Krups coffee maker in their possession for more than 10 years. Overall the company has made it a point to offer something not only functional but elegant and classy.